Synergistic Alchemy: The Science of Blending January 18, 2013 – Posted in: News & Press

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What happens when an elixir rich in vitamins and antioxidants meets a facial serum chock-full of phyto-nutrients? How about when a biophotonic mask uses a few drops of a nourishing facial oil and is kept active with an invigorating elixir? Beautiful synergy. These hybrids concocted through experimental alchemy encompass the compounded positive aspects of their parent products. We purposely engineered our products to be able to work in synergy with each other so that when combined, their benefits are heightened to new levels. In short, when you combine an elixir with a serum or add some serum to our mask – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our innovative approach to skincare allows the person who understands your skin best, you, to play scientist at home with our accessible high-tech formulas. You can mix the precise blend of your favorite products to create an unparalleled skincare experience. These blends are especially advantageous for those with combination and finicky skin or during changes in climate.

Have dry winter skin? Combining hydrating products into a precise blend fortifies protection from the elements. If your facial oil suddenly feels like it is not enough to keep your skin from becoming dry, mist your face with a few sprays of the hydrating Elixir of your choice beforehand. Our powerful, nutritive, multitasking elixirs bind to the facial oil and their bioactive vibrational energy delivers nourishment deep into the dermal layers while the facial oil locks in the hydrating properties of the elixirs. The elixirs will also repair and condition your skin to be more receptive of the serums and moisturizers that follow so nutrients and moisturizers become more effective, resulting in soft and supple skin free from dryness.

Have fun creating the perfect custom hybrid blends that suit your skin!

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