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I grew up an academic; I have a Master of Public Policy degree from UCLA and studied history in college.  However, ever since I was a kid I wanted to entertain. I used to force my friends to be my backup dancers as I did performances for family. I was often told that there was no money in singing and instead left my nose in the books. Growing up I moved around the country a lot for my parent’s business and was exposed to a lot of different cultures. Whether the deserts of Arizona to the cozy WashingtonDC suburbs, it seemed like every school year I had to reintroduce myself to a new set of classmates. I would hear a cacophony of languages when people spoke when I went to malls or rode the train and I wanted to learn too, so I picked up French and Japanese along the way. In fact, I can even sing in Japanese as well. All these experiences color how I see the world. And I’ve only seen a sliver of it!


I recently went biking in Provence, France. The best way to see a country is on a bike; it’s the ultimate form of freedom. Plus you don’t feel guilty for eating baguettes and pain aux chocolat because you just rode 60 miles. My next trip is to bike through the Swiss Alps. I hope I can handle the altitude!


Regular workout routines are important to my everyday regimen. Not just the physical in the lifting sense, but also vocal exercises and mental. I’m always practicing my singing techniques, focusing on my breathing so I can hit those right notes. I’m an avid reader, and I learn new prose for my writing and can better understand different viewpoints. As for the physical side, I was a sprinter in track and field in high school and college, so it established a strong base for me that continues to this day. Though I don’t run like I used to, I picked up cycling this year and I still lift regularly. I prefer to do full body workouts, mainly because that way if I skip a day at the gym it won’t throw off my schedule. My favorite are full body circuit routines, like the Spartacus workout. Some hate me when i say this, but I eat whatever I want. I figure, I work hard to have this body so why punish myself? I look good naked.


For me, skincare is all about moisturizer. My mom taught me at an early age that it’s disgraceful to look ashy so I make it a point to always be as moisturized as possible. Facial moisturizer, body oils, whatever it takes! Of course the key is to use the right amount, I’ve had too many times where a product was too thick or not enough for my face or my body. [ME Skin Fuel] doesn’t overwhelm my face and blends in so easily and it’s so light. It leaves me feeling fresh with just the right amount of nourishment. I also love regular exfoliation to keep skin healthy, for that I use [Pure] mask which has gentle enzymes and natural acids to make my skin soft and smooth. I have to shave about every three days; I used to get ingrown hairs and it took me a while to not only find the right kind of pre-shave but also the right kind of aftershave that it’s good for my skin type. [Mr. Incredible] multitasks and does all that. It feels very clean and refreshing on my skin, and I even use it on days I don’t shave now as the scent really complements me – plus the aroma is natural too. [Panacea Elixir] is good for touch ups through the day to keep skin looking good when it feels a little dry or oily, it balances both nicely and keeps my complexion clear. I also use the [Halcyon] face wash which gives that tingly fresh feeling and makes my skin feel younger and clean, yet balanced. All this keeps my skin in really good shape, I even got carded recently at a wine shop! Professionally, this ritual makes my skin look pretty good under the performance light. When I was performing on stage or in some of the photo shoots I’ve been to, I’ve required very little makeup.

I came to New York City to achieve a dream. One day I decided to quit my job, sell everything, and move to New York to try and get to my next destination. It hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s great. I’m not only feeding my creative side but my professional side is being fed in my work. I love the variety and the push I’ve been given since being here all because of the energy. I feel like I’m finally able to shine.

Photos provided by Micah Peterson

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