Recent online love January 30, 2014


Thank you for all of your kind and wonderful reviews! We are very grateful for all of the love!

“(ME Skin Fuel) a little bottle of magic. I can’t recommend Yuli’s products enough – they are doing something that NO skincare product is doing in the world! 5 + stars from me.”- Life by Leese “My Green Beauty Gems” –

Cocoon Elixir moisturizes and nourishes immediately, leaving skin feeling wonderful. Sometimes I don’t even need a night cream.” – Bambi Organics “Pulize estive” –

“My hyper-pigmentation seems to be lightening up little by little and my scars feels and look softer. On another note, my breakouts have been appearing less than usual, I’m guessing it is the detoxifying properties in the serum which is helping my skin overall.” – Geeonek “Cell Perfecto PM Review” –

“(Halcyon Cleanser) I saw my skin improving in feel and quality. I like everything from the smell to the feel on my skin and to the results” – Coco Beaute “Cleanser Battle” –

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