All About Lips: Up Close with Cellular Lip Conditioner November 29, 2012

If the eyebrows are the frame of the face, and the eyes are the windows, then the lip is definitely the emotive center. Da Vinci is said to have spent 12 years perfecting the Mona Lisa’s captivating smile, researchers have said the lips are one of the first things a partner notices, and the lips themselves contain a vast network of sensory nerves that render them one of the most sensitive parts on the human body. Without a doubt, it is important to keep our lips healthy and that is exactly why we created Cellular Lip Conditioner. We’ve accumulated answers to some of your most frequently asked questions so you can get a better understanding of this new product:

1. How does the Cellular Lip Conditioner differ from my regular lip balm?

Lip Balms work by forming an occlusive layer on the skin surface to trap moisture typically using a wax-textured substance (petroleum jelly, wax, paraffin, butters, etc.). They excel at preventing moisture loss. However lips are so sensitive because the skin is so thin that when moisture loss does occur, these balms do not ‘heal’ the resulting damage.

Cellular Lip Conditioner, as the name infers, conditions the actual skin to peak health. It heals existing damage and delivers nutrients that help the skin become stronger and more resistant to environmental factors.  It also nourishes skin at a cellular level so skin is moisturized from within.

2. Am I supposed to use this alone or with my lip balm?

You may use Cellular Lip Conditioner either way. When used alone, Cellular Lip Conditioner acts as a serum, nourishing and repairing skin. You may also layer it under a lip balm. We formulated Cellular Lip Conditioner to work with the sealing properties of lip balms to extend the effectiveness of both products. If layered under a lip balm, you will notice prolonged wear of both products and the need for less frequent application.

3. Does Cellular Lip Conditioner cause photosensitivity? Is it safe if ingested?

Cellular Lip Conditioner does not cause photosensitivity. The ingredients, including our antioxidant complex, actually provide botanical UV shields that help protect lips from UV damage.

Cellular Lip Conditioner is fast-absorbing and does not “sit” on your skin, so the chance of you ingesting it is reduced. If you do, please rest assured that the entire formula was created to be nontoxic and safe enough for pregnant women. We made this serum out of food-grade ingredients.

4. Can I use Cellular Lip Conditioner with my lip stick?

You may use Cellular Lip Conditioner to tone and nourish your lips before you apply lipstick. Some lip sticks can be drying, especially if they are heavily pigmented. Apply Cellular Lip Conditioner to replenish your skin and allow to absorb before you apply your lipstick. You should notice longer wear and less flaking caused by dry or damaged skin.

If you would like to add some sheen to a matte color or a lip stain, you may layer Cellular Lip Conditioner over your color to add luster.

5. I don’t like putting product on my lips at night, but my lips are always chapped in the morning. What is the best way to protect my lips with Cellular Lip Conditioner?

A great feature about Cellular Lip Conditioner is that even though it is extremely rich, it is not a heavy serum at all so lips will not feel weighed down or suffocated. If you apply Cellular Lip Conditioner to damp lips (i.e. post shower, cleansing, drinking), it will seal in the moisture and deliver it to dehydrated skin cells. This way, you can wake up with healthy lips without smothering them in waxes the night before.

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