Behind the Anti-Aging Wonders of our Hydrating Metamorphic Elixir February 5, 2013


We’d like to formally introduce you to our Metamorphic Elixir, our most nourishing mist yet that functions as a moisturizer, anti-aging treatment, and skin conditioner. This elixir is effective for restoring and maintaining healthy, plump, youthful skin. We meticulously crafted this powerful elixir with only the finest organically cultivated bioactive botanical flower waters and anti-aging powerhouse ingredients scientifically proven to be effective at neutralizing signs of aging.

It starts with how it’s different…

When we created our elixirs, we made the decision to not refer to them as ‘toners’. There is nothing bad about the name itself but most people associate them with alcohol based astringents and chemical makeup removers that strip skin and leave it very dry and irritated. Our elixirs are different. Each mist contains a nutrient-rich kick and hydrating boost to skin. In place of drying and skin-stripping alcohols, we use a base of delicate flower waters known for their skin healing properties so skin immediately feels soft and hydrated.

…And it’s about what we put into it, the Key Anti-Agers:

To the base of floral waters, we add in powerful key actives that strengthen skin to reveal a supple, glowing complexion.

Chirally correct Aloe Vera and Sodium Hyaluronate: As we age our skin produces less sodium hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), which helps skin retain water, and as a result skin appears drier and fine lines become more prominent. Chirally correct sodium hyaluronate is more “nutritionally available” to stimulate skin and prevent loss of hydration, increase water retention, and improve the health of collagen fibers. When used regularly, skin is plump and well-hydrated, with a reduction in lines and wrinkles. The chirally correct form of aloe vera is also intensely hydrating and healing. These two ingredients together help Metamorphic Elixir perform its moisturizing duties, leaving skin soft and plump.

Eternal Rose Complex: An intricate complex (including Damascus rose water and its petals, pro-retinoid rose hip (fruit of the rose plant), rose geranium, and rose flower essence), which is incredibly healing and shown to provide marked improvement in repairing skin ( such as sun damage and scarring), and premature aging (including hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles). Roses are a key anti-inflammatory so it neutralizes the root of stressors that lead to premature skin aging. Our active regenerating complex stimulates cell activity to renew and encourage growth of new tissue.

Frankincense: Its use has been documented dating back centuries. Modern science has identified it as a strong anti-inflammatory, beneficial for photo-aged skin, and highly regenerative which means smoother, more elastic skin. Frankincense has also been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin production, the building blocks of new, healthy skin.

Photostable Retinoids: Naturally derived from Helichrysum, Carrot seed, & Rose Hips; the antioxidant-rich natural retinoids in the elixir promote cell regeneration and healthy development of new cells. It energizes skin with vitality and energy to repair and recharge itself. It doubles as a UV shield to fight off premature photo-aging, sunspots and free radical damage.

How to get the most out of the elixir

The unique formula not only infuses skin with an immediate burst of lasting moisture, but also delivers potent bioactive botanicals that uplift and rejuvenate. This makes it perfect for refreshing and energizing your skin while on the go.

We especially recommend using the enlivening elixirs during travel as it combats stale, dry cabin air. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties also make this a great refresher to keep skin glowing and clear after workouts.

You can also apply the elixir throughout the day to hydrate and invigorate skin without it affecting your makeup. Our elixirs play so nicely with makeup that they’ve been used to prepare skin for makeup application and as the final step to set makeup. They’re also perfect for makeup that can dry the skin as they imbue complexion with perfect balance of moisture without disturbing applied makeup.

To boost the effectiveness of your skincare routine, apply 3-5 pumps of this elixir to your face before massaging your favorite facial serum. The serums help to lock in the moisture and nutrients while the elixir binds to treatments to deliver the beneficial nutrients deeper into skin. For a maximized anti-aging collaboration, apply Modern Alchemist right after 3-5 pumps of Metamorphic Elixir. Together they form a super-charged intensive and potent anti-aging nutrient cocktail.

Try a bottle of this powerhouse elixir with a light rose scent and hue, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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