Cocoon Elixir gets the full review from Bambi Organics March 1, 2014


We’re happy to share some international love we received for Cocoon Elixir from Italian blogger Bambi Organics.

“Texture is velvety and silky. It absorbs quickly without leaving any trace but you feel that your skin is instantly more calm. 
The fragrance profile to me is like honey, honey flowery, delicate and feminine.”

I use it since December, now two months later and I have not even used half of the bottle. I have to say that the skin is much less dry, pulls less and less I see red. Sometimes I do not even need a night cream with the tonic are affixed. I love it. I‘m very surprised by this product. A new must-have beauty product!”

Shop Cocoon Elixir here (Available in 3 sizes)

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