Extra Sun Protection: Layering Antioxidants under your SPF June 11, 2012

While we’ve always known that sunscreens cannot absorb/block 100% of UV exposure, new research has shown other forms of solar radiation immune to UV filters can also damage and age skin. The majority of solar radiation is infrared radiation, and compelling evidence has shown Infrared Radiation A (IR-A) is able to penetrate deeper into skin (compared to UVA/UVB) and cause photo-aging.

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This means most sunscreens can only partially block us from harmful solar exposure. When these rays are absorbed into our skin, free-radicals are generated which cause aging and photo-damage. Currently most sunscreens do not address the infrared radiation induced free-radical damage. The best defense against this is to use an antioxidant treatment to provide more comprehensive protection from the elements and neutralize free radicals while layering a clean, broad-spectrum SPF over it. Our serums contain high levels of naturally derived antioxidants and can be worn under sunscreen.

We even have a Antioxidant Serum, Liquid Courage, which is loaded with the highest absorbable levels of antioxidants derived from the seeds of  the most antioxidant rich botanicals. These seeds contain the purest, most potent concentration of antioxidants. We also implement advanced biofermentation technology to increase antioxidant concentration in one of the key actives, odorless black garlic extract.

We’ve tested our Liquid Courage, Antioxidant Serum extensively under both physical and chemical sunscreens to ensure our product was light, fast-absorbing, and effective. In our tests, the combination of our antioxidant serum and SPF has shown significantly increased protection from environmental and free-radical damage, as well as anti-aging properties from the pure serum’s role in collagen stimulation, and cellular restoration. Our 100% natural (organic + wildcraft) ingredients and advanced skin technology ensures the serum is photo-stable, potent, and blendable with a wide variety of sunscreens.

We recommend applying the Liquid Courage after Cleansing & Toning. Allow to absorb, then layer on SPF for the most complete protection you can get from exposure in the summer sun.

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