Fall Essentials via the Therapeutic Skin Coach October 22, 2015

YULI fall essentials skin coach
LA Skin Guru, Hayley Roy a.k.a. Therapeutic Skin Coach loves her YÜLI collection:

“I finally have gotten my #‎skincare loving hands on some YULI Skincare. I am already hooked. My clients better watch out!”

M.E. Skin Fuel is our pure bio-active organic face oil that contains freshly pressed nutrient-dense plant oils that are precisely balanced to deliver skin optimizing benefits. During the fall when temperatures fluctuate and seasonal diets may change, it’s important to use products that help to restore calm. The anti-inflammatory benefits of M.E. Skin Fuel help reduce the likelihood of irritation while antioxidants and phyto-nutrients strengthen skin.

Pure Mask is one of our top-selling products which absolutely transforms skin. Botanical enzymes helps to dissolve dead skin cells which prevents dull skin during the fall. Mineral rich clays infuse skin with glow inducing elements such as magnesium and zinc which support crucial skin function, while detoxifying skin of deep dwelling impurities. This mask is supplemented with super-actives including biophotonically charged matcha which contains high-potency antioxidants including EGCG that aids cell repair including UV damage. Therapeutic botanical actives contain compounds that hold the secret to beautiful skin by fighting pre-mature aging and boosting skin cell immunity.

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