Father’s Day Essential: Mr. Incredible June 17, 2015

YULI Mr. Incredible

YULI Mr. Incredible


Searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift? For something really special he’ll love, we suggest our Mr. Incredible serum. LA Yoga Magazine recently listed this as the top Father’s Day Skincare Essential. Here’s why they love it:

Mr. Incredible is an elixir crafted using the same methods as cold-pressing juice or oil. This allows for the most intact form of the active ingredients in the jojoba and grape seed oils to nourish your skin. As a beard oil, it absorbs quickly to add moisture to your beard and the skin beneath it without being too heavy. Added bonus: the blend of sandalwood, chompake (yellow orchid), and black calla lily, creates a scent that can be a stand-in for your cologne. This is one of the most luxurious, all-natural, and possibly most nutritional items for a man’s face and beard.

Mr. Incredible is brimming with biologically active components from the highest quality organic and wild-crafted raw plant material. The base of bio-identical plant oils provides skin with the ideal lipid profile. This potent, omega-rich formula repairs, fortifies and boosts skin while delivering an aromatic experience that adapts in synergy with the the wearer.

Don’t just take our word for how special this serum is, fashion designer Alexander Lewis brings this on his trips to Bahia, Brazil while Marlon Gobel relies on Mr. Incredible for model skin prep before his men’s collection runway shows. South African blogger, Man of the Clothe made this one of his annual product picks while supermodel Giorgos Tsetis loves this for his shaves and skin conditioning. Mr. Incredible has also been featured in Men’s Journal, The Manual and Hi Consumption Magazine.

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