Halcyon Cleanser is a Genuine Glow Favorite November 13, 2014




We’re thrilled that our Halcyon Cleanser is a Genuine Glow favorite (1/2). This revolutionary gel-emulsion gently yet effectively cleanses skin. Its gentle tear emulating chemistry works with skin’s natural moisture barrier and fortifies skin’s beneficial acid-mantle, with a formula completely free of alcohols, soaps and harsh chemical detergents (including sulfates). Here’s what Genuine Glow had to say about it:

YULI Halcyon is a very light-weight and cleansing water-gel, so it is great for mornings when you need a quick cleanse that does give you a greasy-looking hairline. I also love how it dissolves completely with water and leaves no pore-clogging residue on the skin.

It is quick, effective, it does not make my hair greasy, and it leaves the skin properly cleansed with no residue. It helps with keeping my skin clear, free of blemishes and it makes any treatment that I apply after cleansing work properly. My perfect skincare morning routine consists of Halcyon+Cocoon+Liquid Courage.


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