Introducing the Cell Perfecto PM August 20, 2012

We’re excited to announce that the Cell Perfecto PM is now available for purchase on our site! After receiving so much wonderful feedback from existing users of the Ultimate Perfecting Serum and those of you waiting to try out this product, we really wanted to take the time to make sure the Cell Perfecto PM was just right.

To fans of the Ultimate Perfecting Serum, rest assured we did not take any shortcuts with this new and improved formula. Through testing, we’ve concluded that the Cell Perfecto PM has been able to outperform the original in wound healing, scar tissue regeneration, and pigmentation regulation. In Cell Perfecto PM, we implemented a new scar revision technology that remodels the structure of damaged skin cells starting with correcting the damaged collagen structure all the way to regulating protein buildup in scar tissue.

We’ve compiled some questions you might have on this page to help you learn more about this product, to go directly to the Cell Perfecto PM product page, click here:

Why is the Cell Perfecto PM a night time product?

Cell Perfecto PM is recommended for use at night as it works best with skin’s natural night regeneration and detox system.

Is the formula still clean?

Yes, Cell Perfecto PM is still a cleanly formulated product.

Can I use this with other products?

Cell Perfecto PM provides light hydration, so some people are able to use this without any other moisturizers at night. However, you may combine this with our other serums or your desired moisturizers after the product has been absorbed into your skin.

To increase absorption, we recommend applying an elixir prior to using Cell Perfecto PM. The elixirs prime and condition skin to better receive treatment.

Will this react with my retinol treatment?

Based on customer feedback and our own research, this product will not adversely react with retinol treatment. Apply Cell Perfecto PM before retinol product for optimal efficacy.

Can I buy a trial version of this product?

Due to the complex nature of this treatment, including time-released sediment, and oxygen-activated co-factors, we are not able to reproduce the results found through using the full size treatment in a trial size.

If you have any questions you didn’t see answered, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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