Metamorphic Elixir featured in Garçon’s World: Essential Face Mists November 11, 2017

We are thrilled to be featured in Garçon’s World’s piece on The Essential Face Mists which is a must read on all things face mists, including why they’re so beneficial, as well as when and how to use them to achieve desired results.

“No list on high-performance organics is complete without YÜLI. Their Metamorphic Elixir has been described by beauty editors as “rose water on steroids,” which is pretty apt when the powerhouse formula contains hyaluronic acid, probiotics, liquid silver essence, aloe vera, hydrosols from 5 rose species, & immortelle, frankincense, lavender and carrot hydrosols which are considered natural retinol alternatives for their ability to rejuvenate skin and stimulate cell turnover. This elixir is as one of the only mists that is not water-based, which means the concentration of active ingredients is exceptionally high, meaning this mist function almost like a serum in it’s level of performance.”

“The best mists are made from organic, botanically based ingredients called hydrosols, otherwise known as flower waters which are made from distilled plant material including leaves, fruits and fruits. These flower waters hold the aromatic and nutritional components of the plants which means they deliver actual skincare benefits.

Organic mists, oftentimes called elixirs, toners, or essence, are made from great ingredients that do everything from nourishing dehydrated and irritated skin to setting skin pH and accelerating serum penetration. Not only are the mists beneficial for skin and a pleasure to spray, but by providing actual moisture content, they enhance the overall performance of oils and moisturizers making them essential for any routine. Given that some of the atomized mist is undoubtedly inhaled into the body with each spray, we also feel safer with organic formulas that don’t featured questionable ingredients.

Luckily in this case, organic means higher performance and higher safety. With the rise of high-end performance oriented natural skincare, we’ve moved past the OG – rose water, and now have mists that are made with all forms of powerful actives from antioxidant rich plant extracts to precious metals.”


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