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Cell Perfecto PM

An advanced corrective serum suitable for all skin types to fade hyperpigmentation, correct dark spots and discoloration, heal acne scars and sun damage for a brighter, smoother, more even complexion.


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This intensive, concentrated spot treatment contains one of the most active formulations to dramatically reduce skin damage: healing acne scars, discoloration, and correcting hyperpigmentation. Revolutionary blend contains time-released and oxygen-activated key co-factors that refine complexion and remodel scar tissue (including a variety of acne scars) through a potent synergy of regenerative organic botanical actives and advanced skin technology. High-Potency concentrates of Asiaticocide (derived from Gotu Kola), Plant Peptides, and live botanical cell derivatives rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and phyto-nutrients diminish dark spots, repair skin damage, and increase wound healing through:

  • Stimulate healthy cell function and renewal
  • Encourage normalized protein and collagen production in damaged tissue
  • Renew healthy cell structure
  • Increase cell metabolism for accelerated healing
  • Detoxify skin to relieve stress on epidermal system
  • Regulate pigmentation and inhibit melanin imbalance
  • Strengthen and nurture damaged skin and scar tissue

Skin tissue is healed and regenerated from within: this potent serum works through regenerating skin and reinvigorating scar tissue from deeper layers and does not use acids, harsh exfoliators, or chemical skin brighteners. With regular use, skin regains healthy radiance and vibrancy, appearing brighter and smoother. With long term use, appearance of scars and skin damage are dramatically reduced and healed.

Please note: Due to absolute mass requirement of select key actives, Cell Perfecto PM is not available in a trial size.

Select Key Actives

Renew Minerals Complex: a naturally occurring complex consisting of organosulfur chirally-derived from sustainable pine trees and potent phytosterols derived from Flax Seed. Critical to the formation of connective tissue to rehabilitate scar tissue, helps reconstruct and maintain healthy collagen and elastin structure in damaged cells, increases regeneration to scar tissue, while acting as an anti-inflammatory. Also promotes quick wound healing to minimize new blemishes. Phytosterols work in synergy with the antioxidant rich formula to repair damaged skin as it regulates cell function.

Gotu Kola Extract: a key stimulant that works to improve circulation in the epidermal layer and increase healthy collagen production to convert scar tissue to healthy skin tissue. Gota Kola also repairs connective tissue and strengthens cell’s natural wound healing properties. Also loaded with damage fighting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients including 3 types of saponin glycosides. When combined with antioxidants in this serum, provides an alternative skin renewal system to retinoids. Rich in Asiaticoside, which possesses superior wound healing and regenerative properties. Topical application yields increase in healthy skin cell production. Skin treated with asiaticoside show greater concentration of antioxidants super dismutase, Vitamin E, and Ascorbic Acid in newly formed tissue.

Indian Fig: a cactus-fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, betalains, magnesium, potassium and immunity boosting nutrients, Indian Fig contains the fundamentals for reversing keys signs of damage including acne scars, photo-damage, and burns. Indian Fig calms distressed skin suffering from inflammatory conditions and stimulates cell renewal to rapidly accelerate healing.

Sea Minerals Complex: a deeply penetrating renewal system sourced from the deep sea and developed with revolutionary marine biology research. The sea minerals complex offers unparalleled rejuvenating properties that actively trigger skin cells to naturally repair and rebuild. Incredibly rich in skin replenishing minerals including zinc-protein that locks to damaged cells for correction.

Sea Buckthorn: known in some cultures as nature’s multivitamin, Sea Buckthorn is a key source of naturally occurring vitamins A, B, C, E as well as carotenes, peptides, and antioxidant polyphenols. Due to it’s rich nutrient profile, Sea Buckthorn promotes regeneration, and healing in skin on a cellular level.

Frankincense: known for it’s Cicatrisant and Cytophylactic properties, Frankincense fades scars, acne marks, and stretch marks while promoting regeneration of healthy skin cells and protecting the health of existing cells.

Helichrysum: known by many botanists as “Immortelle”, Helichrysum is known for it’s super-regenerative properties in accelerating healing while reducing inflammation.


Bioregenerating Botanical Infusion (botanical glycosides, sea minerals complex), S. chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, M. integrifolia (macadamia) oil*, O. ficus-indica (Indian fig) seed oil*, C. inophyllum (tamanu) oil*, supercritical CO2 H. rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) fruit extract*, A. uva-ursi (bearberry) extract*, G. glabra (liquorice) extract*, C. asiatica (gotu kola) extract*, Renew Minerals Complex (methysulfonylmethane (MSM) derived from pine lignin & sulfur flower), phytosterols (derived from flax), tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (vitamin C), A. linearis (rooibos) extract*, B. carterii (frankincense) extract*, D. carota (carrot) extract^, H. italicum (helichrysum) extract, G. lucidum (reishi) extract*, L-arginine, L-gluconic acid (derived from kombucha tea ferment)

* Organic
^^ Wildcrafted

How to use

  • Apply in the PM, as actives work with skin repair system during sleep cycle.
  • Shake well. Sediment is time released into serum to maintain potency over time.
  • Massage 2-3 drops to affected area until fully absorbed. Allow any sediment to gently stimulate the affected area.


“Now I see that areas of my face that had deep pockmarks and icepick scars have rehabilitated itself to being normal tissue! The reason I know this works is that my face is completely smooth now, with just minor darkness at former spots that used to have deep scars – which I think the next bottle will take care of.”-Beautyidealist, Review

“It’s definitely the most effective anti-spot treatment I’ve used so far….. if you’re as concerned as I am about treating and / or preventing hyperpigmentation, look no further.”- Beauty Palette, Tester Thursdays: Cell Perfecto PM

“With all the positive reviews and high price how could I not expect something short of a miracle? Well, Yüli, you’ve kept your promises and I am pleased to say you’ve gained a loyal customer! This is truly a unique serum. I’ve never encountered anything that works quite like it. ” – The Wanderlusting Beauty, Review

“This serum scored highest in overall results and elicited the strongest recommendations from testers who cite noticeable improvement in skin tone, dark spots and also scars”The Green Derm, Skin Brighteners and Correctors Tested & Reviewed

“My co-founder will not travel without Liquid Courage and Cocoon Elixir, and uses Ultimate Perfecting Serum religiously every night.”- Yun, Stylecaster Interview

“YÜLI Cell Perfecto PM works. It really does. I experience a noticeable lightening in my post-acne marks almost overnight.” – Seed to Serum, Review

“Since this particular serum is targeted at acne scars, pigmentation and dark spots, it is ideal for my particular skincare concerns. It’s so rich and moisturizing that I don’t need to use anything else at night. Effective and efficient? No wonder I can’t stop reaching for it.”- Beauty Palette, Skincare: Fall Edition

“It makes my skin really smooth the next day and after a month of use, I notice that it faded the stubborn red acne marks on my face” – Couturechild, Review

“A formula with corrective agents which target and repair sun damage and pigmentation post-Summer” Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily, Skin Survival Kit

“”My hyper-pigmentation seems to be lightening up little by little and my scars feels and look softer. On another note, my breakouts have been appearing less than usual, I’m guessing it is the detoxifying properties in the serum which is helping my skin overall.” – Geeonek, Review

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