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Cocoon Elixir

Calming · Soothing · Healing

A gentle, hydrating mist especially suitable for very sensitive and irritation prone skin.


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This ultra-refined, pure, gentle toner provides nourishment and hydration while reducing skin stress inducers, inflammation, and redness. Formulated from a super-healing, deeply regenerative aloe barbadensis base, our 100% natural mist calms irritation and inflammation, while delivering deep hydration. Skin will be calmed, softened, soothed, and revived to look dewy, refined, and evenly toned. Primes skin for moisture and serum treatment.



Select Key Actives

Calendula: contains carotenoids, antioxidants, mucilage, polysaccharides, and saponins to heal skin and promote rejuvenation. Known for it’s calming effects on sensitive skin.

Chamomile: known for its ability to calm and sooth even the most sensitive skin, this floral hydrosol is a gentle and relaxing anti-inflammatory that relieves irritation, redness, and some skin allergies.

Rose Otto: a delicate flower essence, a drop of this rare ingredient imported from Eastern Europe is composed of over 7,000 rose petals, shown to improve circulation, tone skin and capillaries, destress skin, and provide healing to sensitive skin.

Acerola: protects skin from environmental and oxidative stress triggered from pollution, sun, and seasonal factors.


Our Elixirs are delicately crafted using a base of organic and wild-crafted botanical hydrosols and flower water. These fresh elixirs contain living nutrients and are incredibly active. Our elixirs are free of drying alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and oils. The scent is 100% natural as though you were smelling the actual flower or plant our precious elixirs came from.

D-Aloe Barbadensis, C. aurantium amara (Neroli) hydrolat*, C. officinalis (Calendula) hydrolat*, R. officinalis (Rosemary) hydrolat*, L. angustifolia (lavender) hydrolat*, M. recutita (Chamomile) hydrolat*, B. carterii (Frankincense) hydrolat^^, lactobacillus ferment, frequency enhanced water, vegetable glycerine, MSM, R. damascena (Rose) flower petal powder*,M. emarginata (Acerola) extract, colloidal silver

* Organic
^^ Wildcrafted

How to use

  • Mist liberally over skin after cleansing or soak cotton ball and gently smooth over skin.
  • Follow with desired YÜLI serum or treatment while skin is still moist
  • Mist during and after flights, post-sun, after makeup application or throughout the day to refresh



“It’s lovely and ultimately if I had to choose just one mist to use forever… this might be the one!” – Wonderfelle, 5 Natural Face Mists

“I have personally already used up a bottle of this precious face mist, and it has become a staple in my skincare routine because it is truly effective. It instantly calms aggravated, stressed skin, and it helps with keeping the skin healthy over time.” – eHow, 5 Must-Have Beauty Products

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“I can definitely say that the Cocoon Elixir saved my skin this summer”-Nephriticus, Summer Cocoon

“You guys know I love facial mists, and this one from YULI is possibly my favorite. It’s light, refreshing, toning, calming. I like it so so much. I am on my third bottle in just a few months and will probably stick with it” – Genuine Glow, Cocoon Elixir

“It goes to moisturize and nourish it in a way to know why your skin appears immediately with a wonderful feeling, sometimes we do not even want the cream at night. The scent is particularly fresh” – Bambi Organics, Pulizie Estive (Italian)

“I started noticing changes immediately. My new must-have is the Cocoon Elixir–it instantly refreshes me and feels great.” – Jennifer Doan, THE INTERVIEW

““I use it since December, now two months later and I have not even used half of the bottle. I have to say that the skin is much less dry, pulls less and less I see red. Sometimes I do not even need a night cream with the tonic are affixed. I love it. I‘m very surprised by this product. A new must-have beauty product!”- Bambi Organics, Review

“Cocoon is such a perfect name for it because you really feel your skin is wrapped up in a healing cocoon of pure moisture. Perfect to heal skin that needs a break.” – The Fetch Hunter, Winter Essentials List

“The skin calmer. It uses regenerative Aloe Barbadensis as the base for Calendula and Rose Otto essences to nurture temperamental skin back to its balanced state.” – Beautyhuile, Review

Featured in Australia’s Canberra Weekly of Luxe Hydrating Mists (Link)

“I have sensitive, rosacea skin and this really helps to calm my skin and make it feel really moisturized.”

“My skin is super sensitive and gets red easily. I spray this on at the end of the day and it soothes everything.”

“I live in Las Vegas and the sun can really make my fair skin irritated. This takes care of my skin without drying it like a lot of elixirs which is so important in the dry Vegas climate.”