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Halcyon Cleanser

A gentle daily cleanser for all skin types. This precise and purposeful blend of pure botanical extracts merge with advanced, green technology to effectively cleanse skin of impurities, debris, and grime while imparting nourishing and therapeutic benefits to skin.


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This innovative high-tech formulation offers gentle yet thorough cleansing without stripping skin or disturbing the delicate moisture mantle.  Each pump of this chiral bioactive gel emulsion is a direct infusion of organic and wild-crafted botanical extracts brimming with radiance inducing, skin improving nutrients while effectively removing impurities. Adaptogenically engineered to work in stasis with individual skin needs to provide the optimum cleansing and nourishment.

Halcyon Cleanser soothes and calms skin, leaving it soft, fresh and clean – setting the foundation for beautiful, healthy skin.

Made without: Harsh detergents, sulfates, soap bases, alcohol, and chemical surfactants which can strip skin, cause imbalance, and irritate skin.

pH Balanced to support skin at the optimal 5.5 level



Select Key Actives

Herbal infusion of Red Clover, Green Tea Leaf, Red Algae, Chickweed, and Sweet Olive Flower contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that promote skin health. Help to tone, condition, and detoxify skin. Antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, and vitamins fortify, regenerate, and nourish skin.

Colloidal Peptides derived from Amaranth Seeds create gentle foaming that washes off debris, grime, excess oils, harmful bacteria, and sweat. Their cell-communicating abilities heal and repair skin. Enhances absorption of bioactives into skin cells.

Hybridized Fruit Enzymes derived from Papaya and Pineapple to remove surface impurities and dead skin cells, promote deep cleansing, and refine skin texture.

Zeolite – a detoxifying nutrient-rich clay, alleviates clogged pores while replenishing skin-optimizing minerals and antioxidants deep into skin.


H. italicum/L. angustifolia hydrosol blend*, herbal infusion of (T.pratense*, C. sinensis*, S. media, Z. officinale*, O. fragans), D-aloe barbadensis,vegetable glycerine, sodium cocoyl isethionate (vegetable source), peptides derived from Amaranth protein, jojoba ester*, Rhodophyta (Red Algae) ferment, G.lucidum (Reishi) tincture*, zeolite, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), vitamin C ester, biodynamic fruit enzymes, petitgrain sur fleurs oil*, bergamot (bergaptene-free) oil*, colloidal silver

^ Wildcrafted

How to use

  • Use daily AM and PM
  • Apply 2-3 pumps or as needed onto dampened skin
  • Activate gel emulsion by massaging into a lather
  • Once activated, massage in circular motions to stimulate circulation
  • Leave on skin for 5-8 seconds for beneficial actives to absorb
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Follow with Elixir


As seen in ELLE Magazine – Beauty Favorites (Link)

Featured in Strange Invisible’s New Products for Radiant Skin (Link)

” YÜLI’s Halcyon has accomplished the feat of not only being an effective green cleanser that can compete with mainstream rivals, but of essentially ending my search for the cleanser that I can use every day” – The Beauty Idealist, Review

“As far as I’m concerned, YÜLI’s Halcyon Cleanser is magic. Amazing performance aside, just from the ingredients, you know this cleanser is something special.” – Nephriticus, Halcyon Review

“It single handedly erased the day’s makeup and the grime of NYC. Last week, I finished the last drop and I felt a deep desperation, so I wound up ordering two bottles to make sure I will never be without this.” – Meg Biram, 10 Beauty Bloggers Dish Their Top Products

“Let me be honest, I am addicted to the way my skin feels after the morning cleanse. Not squeaky clean, just perfectly cleansed. Soft and smooth, not unlike a baby’s bottom.” – Charmystique, Halcyon Review

The cleanser works like a charm. The clear gel consistency smells divine, there’s no other word for it. The formulation is so clean and green, I concur that Halcyon is gentle enough for all skin types. I love this cleanser and use it twice a day, everyday. I can say that this easily removes light makeup, like concealer, powder, bronzer and tinted moisturizers. It’s been almost four months since I started using Halcyon and my skin looks more balanced, even clearer. I think the cleanser is one of the best I’ve ever used. It does more than cleanse.” – Pursuit of a Clean Life, Review

“You will not regret it. Your face will look brighter. Your pores will look cleaner. You’ll (hopefully) feel tranquility as you pamper your gorgeous mug.” – Glossed in Brooklyn, Halcyon Review

“It is gentle and light but left my skin feeling very clean and balanced, no dryness. After 1 week, I saw my skin improving in feel and quality. I like everything from the smell to the feel on my skin and to the results” – Cocobeaute, Cleanser Battle