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Panacea Elixir

Clarifying · Balancing · Hydrating

A soothing daily facial elixir for normal, combination, oily or blemish-prone skin.


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This multitasking toner rebalances skin, refines skin texture, primes skin’s delivery system for corrective regeneration, delivers intense lasting hydration, and decongests skin of excess sebum, toxins, & waste. Made from the finest botanicals collected from around the world, this toner truly is a cure-all!

Select Key Actives

Aloe Vera: The base of the elixir, our aloe active locks in moisture while healing and soothing skin. Hand picked from the desert region, the gel imparts it’s high moisture and nutrient retention qualities to skin cells. This aqueous base stimulates cell renewal and protects against environmental stress (pollution, UV, oxidative).  It’s pH is chemically identical to natural, healthy human skin pH, to balance skin.

Cucumber: A plant renowned for its cure-all properties in hydrating skin and soothing irritation with anti-inflammatory properties. Infuses skin with healthy botanical enzymes, Vitamins B & C, and minerals: Folic Acid, Magnesium, Potassium, and Zinc.

Trace Minerals Complex: An ionic charge of elemental naturally-occurring minerals that feed skin while toning and conditioning. These trace minerals stimulate collagen production, soothe inflammation, regulate hormones that can contribute to finicky skin.

Watercress: An anti-inflammatory super nutrient for skin health, high in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, lutein (a carotenoid that has been shown to prevent UV damage), and antioxidant flavonoids. Perfect for detoxifying skin and healing irritation.

Rose: Specially derived to be high in water-soluble Vitamin C for easy absorption to strengthen and repair skin. High in antioxidants that fight off free-radicals and reserve DNA damage to prevent wrinkle and fine line formation. Incredibly balancing tonic qualities make it ideal to for normal-combination skin, while antibacterial properties help treat blemish-prone skin.


Our Elixirs are delicately crafted using a base of organic and wild-crafted botanical hydrosols and flower water. These fresh elixirs contain living nutrients and are incredibly active. Our elixirs are free of drying alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and oils. The scent is 100% natural as though you were smelling the actual flower or plant our precious elixirs came from.

D-Aloe barbadenis, R. damascena (rose) hydrolat*, H. italicum (helichrysum) hydrolat*, L. angustifolia(lavender) hydrolat*, H. virginiana (witch hazel) hydrolat^, H. italicum/L. angustifolia (helichrysum/lavender) hydrolat*, lactobacillus ferment, frequency enhanced water, vegetable glycerine, C. sativus (cucumber) extract, N. officinale(watercress) extract*, biodynamic fruit enzymes, trace minerals complex, colloidal silver

* Organic
^^ Wildcrafted

How to use

  • Mist liberally over skin after cleansing or soak cotton ball and gently smooth over skin.
  • Follow with desired YÜLI serum or treatment while skin is still moist
  • Mist during and after flights, post-sun, after makeup application or throughout the day to refresh


“This has been the fly-off-the-shelf hero product of the line. I love when a mist can do the job of something twice its weight (or price) in serums and creams, and this elixir is no joke. It’s light on the skin but not to be taken lightly” – Refinery 29, Magical Beauty Products that will Sell Out

“This is one of the best discoveries I have made.” – Glossed in Brooklyn, Panacea Elixir Review

“This spray is so much more than a toner. I was a bit more than shocked at how balanced my skin felt after misting my face with Panacea.There is NOTHING to not love.” The Detox Diva, Panacea Elixir Review

“Panacea Elixir changed everything I thought I knew about face mists. A few spritzes of this organic concoction in the a.m. and p.m., and my zits were instantly calmed, redness was diminished, and my complexion looked and felt hydrated, soft, and dewy.” – Refinery 29, Products Destined to become Cult Classics

“It hydrates the skin without leaving it shiny/oily. I also found it very soothing on the occasional blemish and it seemed to help with calming down the redness and inflammation. The scent is light and slightly rosey, and does not linger.” – Genuine Glow, Panacea Elixir Review

“I noticed that there was such smoothness to my skin. My pores essentially disappeared and my makeup looked better on my skin because my skin itself was so much smoother and tighter.” – Ahryn Tolley, THE TRIAL

“This product was practically made for difficult skin like mine: dehydrated yet oily!  Not only do I use this elixir after washing my face day and night, but also to energize and hydrate my face (and wake myself up) throughout the day. “- Never Pay Retail NYC (Review)

“Panacea,which means cure all, was the perfect choice in flight-aloe vera gel to soothe, and anti-oxidants to decongest.” -Stylecurator, Spotlight Facial Mists

“The elixir, which had a cleansing and refreshing effect on my skin, prepares your skin for the serum, which is luxuriously rich and hydrating.” – Beauty Snob (Review)

” Some people don’t believe in toning their skin, but after you’ve tried this and see the results, you will be converted! This made my pores so tiny and really firmed up my skin. It’s like a bootcamp in a mist for the face.” – Beautyidealist, Must Have Products

“I tried this natural pick [ Panacea Elixir] from newcomer Yüli, and it rocked my world. My skin was softer, smoother, clearer, and more radiant than any treatment, cream, lotion, or potion I have ever tried.” – Beauty Director Megan McIntyre, The Best Skin Care Secrets Revealed