QOTW: Do men and women have inherently different skin? March 16, 2012

This weeks question comes from a male customer who wrote:

My girlfriend has been using my Mr.Incredible after she shaves her legs, I told her that it is formulated for a dudes skin but she says there is no difference. Who is right?

Good question, without knowing what your individual skin types are, we can’t answer. Ultimately if the product works, then it is for you. While there are some differences in skin chemistry, the vast majority of gender-specific skincare marketing is purely a way to target a market. With that said, there are a couple of differences:

Men have more testosterone and more facial hair than women, which means as a whole, men tend to have oilier, thicker skin with larger pores. With larger pores, and more sebum activity, men are more prone to blemishes and clogged pores. More facial hair also leads to frequent shaving, which means men are constantly exfoliating their skin which can reveal younger skin but can also cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

Besides these differences, there are no significant intrinsic differences – using each others skincare is fine as long as it works, so always do a spot test of products before committing. While many brands do market products specifically to men, men & women would be more successful with their skincare regimen if they chose products that suit their skin type and skin needs rather than picking products based purely on gender.

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