QOTW: Does your toner keep skin hydrated even after it has evaporated? March 9, 2012

QOTW: I find that toners and misters I use end up making my skin even drier. Does your toner keep skin hydrated even after it has evaporated?


You’re right, a lot of toners/misters do actually end up dehydrating your skin! This was a top concern for us when we strategized how to formulate our toners. We specifically created our line of elixirs to address a problem we experienced: in-flight dryness. We noticed that during flights, once our toner/mister evaporated, our skin was left even more thirsty than before. The reason for this is that a lot of toners are made 80%-95% of water and alcohol. Alcohol is notorious for drying skin, and water does indeed leave skin drier once it evaporates (anyone who has licked their lips on a winter day can attest to this). We formulated our elixirs without water and alcohol, instead we used a base of ultra-hydrating and calming, organic aloe vera gel, and blended it with botanical extracts to provide deeper, lasting hydration. For maximized hydration, follow-up with our serums. Our toners include Cocoon Elixir for Sensitive Skin, Panacea Elixir for Normal/Combination Skin, and Metamorphic Elixir for Mature/Dry skin.

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