QOTW: “Is there any place I can go to play with your products?” June 1, 2012

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This weeks question comes from Cora D. in Palo Alto, California who wrote to us asking:

“I’ve read a lot about you guys and saw a lot of great reviews! Is there any place I can go to play with your products? I live in Palo Alto and would love to try your stuff in person. Thanks!”

Hello Cora, we definitely understand where you’re coming from and as we are getting carried in more retail spaces, we will be adding a page to our site to help our customers find us at retail locations near them. In the Bay Area, you may find a selection of products from our line at Maiden Lane Studios. They’re located a block from Union Square in the heart of San Francisco, and they have wellness/health experts on staff to provide advice. Below is their information:


Maiden Lane Studios
80 Maiden Lane
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 274-9940

(Top) View from Union Square | (Bottom) Street-level View

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