Question of the Week: What is the best way to use your toner & serum together? March 2, 2012

QOTW (Question of the Week) is our new weekly feature where we will post an answer to a reader question. This week’s Question comes from a reader who uses our toner and serum. She wants to know:

What is the best way to use your toner and serum together? I put on the serum before the toner has dried, is this okay?

Answer:  Our instructions say that it is best to use the serum while your face is still moist from the toner. The toner prepares and conditions skin, in this state, skin is fully optimized to receive treatment. The serum and toner are formulated to work together to produce a more active delivery system. The mixture of the two products ensures a more efficient delivery of the nutrients and treatment from the serum for maximized efficacy.

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