Refinery29: Panacea Elixir – Best Beauty Buy November 10, 2014


YÜLI Panacea Elixir is featured on Refinery29’s list of Best Beauty Products (Magical Beauty Buys That Will Sell Out).

“File this one under: Under-the-Radar Must-Have. We would get customers calling and writing from all over the world saying how Yuli ‘cured’ their skin before we were finally able to stock it. Their hands-on production goes from seed to serum so that each of their ingredients is obsessively sourced for peak efficacy. This has been the fly-off-the-shelf hero product of the line. I love when a mist can do the job of something twice its weight (or price) in serums and creams, and this elixir is no joke. It’s light on the skin but not to be taken lightly — it’s serious skin care, especially for crazy-imbalanced skin that has dryness and breakouts and irritation.”


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