Reviewed: Cell Perfecto PM by The Wanderlusting Beauty November 26, 2013



“Well, Yüli, you’ve kept your promises and I am pleased to say you’ve gained a loyal customer! I might have built a slight dependency on it. As a green beauty blogger, I should try other serums once I finish this but I don’t know if I can or want to.

About a month into use I started noticing some of my scars lighten up or become smaller. I had a group of scars on my left cheek (cell phone) that felt like they would never go away. I am now happy to report that they are practically gone. I used to stress over the unsightly marks left on my face from a breakout and now I can rest easily every night knowing that they my face is being repaired. This is truly a unique serum. I’ve never encountered anything that works quite like it.” – The Wanderlusting Beauty

Purchase here: Cell Perfecto PM

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