SPRING CLEANING: Halcyon Cleanser via Amazingy Mag April 3, 2016

YULI Halcyon

YÜLI – Halcyon Cleanser

Halcyon: an idyllic and serene moment from the past, an idea calling back to a more naive and untainted version of yourself. This notion seems to encapsulate YÜLI’s halcyon cleanser truthfully. You really get the feeling that the product is syncing with your skin’s own healthy oil production, leaving you looking balanced out and shiny-eyed, returned to a more innocent state. Using this product, I really got that feeling that I was using some sort of potion, and that wasn’t so surprising to me after I took a peek at the intricate and complex ingredient list (highlights include red algae, pineapple enzymes, colloidal peptides, and green tea). Just like you’d expect for some mysterious potion, but I ultimately found myself thinking that this is the kind of cleanser I could use every day. I encountered no difficulties with my sensitive skin and only imagine that my skin would benefit more and more from continued use.

– via Amazingy Magazine

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