The Hermes Hippie on YÜLI August 10, 2017


Ambrosia Beauty Nectar is a powerhouse that’s also a team player. It amplifies the hydration factor of mists, and supplements nourishing nutrient-rich oils. This super-serum beautifully synergizes the entire skincare ritual, delivering superior results while boosting the efficacy of all products.

The Hermes Hippie: “In honor of the just announced upcoming release of YÜLI’s long-awaited Ambrosia serum, here is my (almost) entirely YÜLI morning routine.  I have written about them either here or on the blog (and usually both) countless times, but if you’re new to HH or happen to have missed the previous mentions, I’ll give 3-word blurbs for each. Let me know if you have questions.

Halcyon Cleanser: light, gentle, daily.
Metamorphic Elixir: hydrating, calming, sophisticated.
Liquid Courage: antioxidant, powerhouse, glow.“

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