THE TRIAL: Ahryn Tolley March 29, 2012

Ahryn Tolley is a Fashion Buyer who received samples of our products from an event she attended. She reached out to us to express how happy she was with the effectiveness of our products. Through speaking to her, we decided to create a new feature on our blog called THE TRIAL which will focus on the user experience of those who use our products. For full disclosure, please note, all individuals featured in THE TRIAL and THE INTERVIEW are unpaid and do not have financial ties to our brand.

Name: Ahryn Tolley
Age: 33
Skin Concerns: Controlling oiliness, preventing breakouts, proper skin hydration, dark under eye circles.
YÜLI Products Used: Panacea Elixir & M.E. Skin Fuel
Length of time used: 5 weeks

Tell us about your skincare routine prior to using YÜLI.

I washed my face twice a day with Noxzema. I’m a creature of habit, I’ve used Noxzema since my early teens, when something works for me, I tend to stick to it. I’m also partially afraid to try new things because I don’t want my skin to react negatively to products. I don’t really moisturize my face the way that I should because I’ve always had oily skin and almost every moisturizer I’ve used has given me breakouts. These include drugstore brands like Neutrogena to department store brands like Clinique and Clarins. I also use Clinique’s 3 Step System on occasion but my skin gets irritated if I use those products regularly. I’ve relied on Cortizone-10 to moisturize dry patches around my nose.

How long did you use Cortizone-10 and why did you start?

I’ve used it for years. It was an old-wives tale someone told me about. I don’t even remember what prompted me to use it in the first place. Again, I’m a creature of habit and I didn’t stop using it until one of my friends freaked out when I told her I had been using it for years. She told me it isn’t recommended for long-term or daily use.

(ed. note- The active ingredient in Cortizone-10, hydrocortisone, is not suitable for long-term or daily use. Its clinically observed side-effects include drying and cracking of the skin, acne, burning, and change in skin color.)

What do you look for in skincare products?

From my skincare products I ultimately want to gain a relationship with them. I want to feel satisfied with the way that they make me look and feel. I want them to be something that I can depend on for a long time without worrying about negative long-term side effects. And most of all, I want my skin to be admired by others. I love hearing, “Wow, your skin looks so good” as a compliment. It’s a great skincare line if I can get all of these things! And I’ve noticed this with YÜLI.

What changes have you observed in your skin after using YÜLI products?

So many. After using the toner, I noticed that there was such smoothness to my skin. My pores essentially disappeared and my makeup looked better on my skin because my skin itself was so much smoother and tighter.

As for the facial serum, I am firstly surprised that it didn’t make me breakout! It was a huge revelation for me because I’ve been so afraid of using moisturizer my entire adult life because other moisturizers I’ve tried have always made me break out.

After I put on the serum, I notice that it gives me a dewy, younger, fresher face. I’m now confident when I leave the house without makeup on, whereas I wasn’t before. When I do put on makeup now, the products help the makeup settle better so it doesn’t look cakey or dry.

(Please note, Ahryn elected not to use makeup besides eyeliner in the photos we have used for this post)

Did you notice anything else about the products?

I absolutely loved the scent of M.E. Skin Fuel, it’s so refreshing to put on my face. I did have some concerns about using an all-natural product because I have, probably like many other people, the impression that natural products smell kind of…. like hippies who don’t bathe. I know – stupid right? However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed applying it. And it just felt so healthy going on my skin.

How have your skin concerns changed over the years?

When I was younger I could definitely go without a moisturizer, but now that I am in my 30s my skin is starting to get very dry patches and I am worried that my skin will age quickly without proper hydration.

My other probably biggest skin care concern is dark circles under my eyes. I feel like looking young and fresh has a lot to do with your eyes and when I’m tired, that’s the first place I tend to focus on. After using YÜLI products, I noticed an improvement in my dark circles which was a definite plus because they weren’t even specifically designed for that purpose. When I stopped using it for a couple of days, I noticed my skin was not as good and it proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that the products have benefited me. I’m basically addicted to them now.

The greatest thing is when someone compliments me on my skin and tells me it looks amazing.  It seals the deal for me because they don’t know what I’ve been using so they have an unbiased opinion.

What products would you like to see from YÜLI in the future?

Definitely eye care products that are as intensive as the rest of the products in your line. Something that targets the under eye area.

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