Why AMBROSIA is not here yet June 9, 2016

When you send us a message across any of our channels, we hear you loud and clear. We've always involved you from picking out shipping options (faster international delivery!) to figuring out product needs. And we know you're excited about AMBROSIA. We see your Instagram comments and inquisitive e-mails, we know you're considering holding an order so you can add Ambrosia, and we know for some of you, it is probably frustrating to not be able to find more information. 

It's important with us to keep the dialogue open so we'll tell you exactly why it's not here:

Formula Development Considerations for "Green Beauty"

We make effective and safe products. Creating formulas in-house can be quite a monumental task especially when incorporating cutting edge ingredients. Our product development team is incredibly efficient and diligent, but the truth is that we're in uncharted territory due to the fact that we will not use many of the undesirable ingredients that mainstream companies use to stabilize and preserve the formula.
One drawback of "green beauty" has always been limitation for this very reason but with AMBROSIA, we really took on this challenge and embraced incorporating advanced actives while utilizing a new and innovative system around it to not only stabilize and preserve the formula but heighten the overall performance. We really made something unique, revolutionary and vital - getting there takes time.

Sustainable Production

Adding a new, complex product requires forecasting and aligning logistics along our vertically integrated manufacturing chain. We're working on the field to make sure the botanicals can reliably be harvested in a sustainable manner. Once harvested, we run through simulations with our scientists for maximum extraction and synthesis loads of advanced key actives to account for and mitigate potential bottlenecks. And with each revision, the analysis starts all over again.

Checks and Balances

After the formula is finalized and we are reasonably confident in viable production, we dot the I's and cross the T's. We look at how best to package the product to maintain potency, our lab conducts tests to look at shelf life and how the product may be affected by exposure to air, extreme temperatures, humidity, fingers, and whatever else you can think of. We note factors such as microbial growth over time across controlled batches to ensure that our formula is actively preserving the ingredients. We run beta testing with volunteer groups and meticulously note every comment, including "I put this on sometimes just to feel special" - because all skin benefits aside, it's good to feel special. We compile this data and make tweaks as necessary, then repeat the process over.

Make it Official

Once we *finally* arrive at creating the product that we know will be a part of our family, we make it official. Basically this means lots and lots of paperwork that goes on behind the scenes. Approval can take even longer which is why this is not a common process for smaller brands, but it's important to us that after all this time and energy - we do everything the right way.

What to Expect

Here's what we can tell you right now: we will not release this unannounced. You don't need to check our site at midnight to figure out if we have secretly dropped our newest product. AMBROSIA is a top priority for our team. When we have a release date set, we will share it on our social media and our newsletter, along with a link for pre-order.

We appreciate your patience while we get everything ready! 


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