Your Top Questions about Cell Perfecto PM September 20, 2012

Cell Perfecto PM, our corrective serum for skin damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars is one of our top selling products. We’ve received wonderful feedback from so many of you and lots of interest purely through your recommendation of our products. We want to provide as much information as possible to help you use our products in the most effective way so we’ve compiled a list of Top Questions we receive about Cell Perfecto PM:

Can I use Cell Perfecto PM with my retinol treatment? Will they counteract?

Yes, you can combine them in your evening regimen and no, they will not negatively impact each other. Cell Perfecto PM does not adversely impact the efficacy of Retinols and vice versa. 

To maximize the effectiveness of both products we suggest applying our elixir after cleansing. Then apply Retinol treatment, the elixir will carry the retinol further into the dermal layers and allow the product to absorb quicker. Next, apply Cell Perfecto PM and gently massage into the affected areas. The Cell Perfecto will start working on surface scars and gradually repair damage from within as the product absorbs. As the Cell Perfecto PM provides light hydration, many customers find that they do not need a moisturizer after this.

I sometimes have an issue with sediment getting my dropper stuck, what can I do?

We do realize that with sediment there is a possibility they may clog the dropper. We’ve tried a variety of applicators including pumps, but the dropper was the most effective way to use the product. Usually as you shake the product to activate key cofactors, the sediment should disperse but if you still have this issue we recommend you store the product on its side when not in use (on a towel or sponge so it doesn’t roll).

How should I store Cell Perfecto PM to make it last longer?

Our products will last longest if stored in a cool, dry, dark location. Most restrooms, drawers, and beauty cabinets fulfill these requirements but if you’d like to store the product for an extended period of time you may put it it in the refrigerator. When you take it out, allow for it to warm to room temperature to reactivate key actives.

How long does it take to see results?

This really depends on a lot of factors, including type of skin damage, severity, ‘freshness’ of scars, skin type, etc. As this product does not use toxic chemicals that burn, bleach, or over-exfoliate skin the results will not be as immediate. But all changes you see will be true rejuvenation and skin repair. We’ve had customers e-mail us that they see changes right away to others who see acne scars fading after a month.

I have active blemish prone skin, can I use this product?

Yes, Cell Perfecto PM targets acne scars, so fresh scars and new acne marks can be healed quickly. This product also contains a high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which discourage acne and breakouts. Cell Perfecto PM is non-comedogenic so it will not encourage breakouts either.

You may also pair it with Panacea Elixir, which decongests skin, minimizes new breakouts, and heals blemishes.

Is Cell Perfecto PM safe for pregnant women?

Yes, our product is nontoxic and adheres to our principals of clean skincare. To us, it is not enough to just be natural. There are a lot of natural botanicals that are very irritating and unsafe. We go a step further to not use ingredients such as celery extract, citrus subgroups, and tansy that could negatively impact pregnant women.

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