YÜLI is featured in VOGUE Paris March 2, 2016


New Yorkers’ favorite new skincare range

  • Vogue Paris

    With Yin and Yang style packaging, plus cleanly formulated but powerful products that rejuvenate and restore, Yüli is our latest skincare obsession straight from New York.High-impact cellular treatments that promise to restore skin tired from the harsh winter chill, the Yüli skincare range has already won the hearts of New Yorkers accustomed to cold winds, (as well as the occasional snowstorm) that strikes the city. Containing powerful peptides, anti-aging bio-retinol as well as protective antioxidant complexes, each active ingredient used is present in its purest form, so their beneficial properties aren’t compromised.

    In the range are Elixir treatments, transformative face masks, cellular protectors and boosters… all smartly contained in a minimalist design packaging we love.”

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